The POS module
makes everything
very streamlined.
There aren’t many
packages that are.

Do Business. Better.


I have searched 
for months.

It is the cleanest,
most easy to use
system I have
ever seen.

Do Business. Better.


We didn’t want
to obsess about
We wanted to invoice and get
our purchases
up easily.

Do Business. Better.


I don't have to
think about it.

It’s absolutely
reliable and leaves
me to look after
my customers.

Do Business. Better.


The overall
benefits are ease &
It’s crucial
to the running of
the business.

Do Business. Better.


Free Accounting, Payroll, Auto Enrolment and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for Charities and NPO’s

All of Benchmark's software packages completely free to all registered charities, churches, clubs and non-profit organisations (NPOs).

The software is completely free and they are full versions of the software, with no limitations or reduced functionality. And if you need support we offer a hugely discounted support fee of £10 a month. Simple.


Charities and
Auto Enrolment

The Pensions Regulator makes it quite clear that as far as Auto Enrolment (AE) is concerned, charities and NPOs are no different to any other organisation. If you employ staff in any capacity, you must comply.

Benchmark’s aim is to make AE as painless as possible for everyone, including charities. To do this, we have written a series of guides and articles that actually tell you how to go about getting AE done, rather than just the usual copy-and-paste jobs of the Pension Regulator information that most people seem to do! You can find these on the Benchmark site but also on our Auto Enrolment Somerset site (See below)

We also have a really good payroll software package with auto enrolment stuff built in. This is included in our free software for charities, so get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Here are some other links you will find useful:

Blog: “How will Auto Enrolment affect charities and what are the implications of having volunteers?”

Auto Enrolment Somerset
Benchmark has set up a not-for-profit Web site called Auto Enrolment Somerset offering free articles and guidance written by various AE professionals we work with. We set up the site to help businesses in Somerset, where we are based, but don’t worry; anyone can use it!


Thank you to you and your team for an amazing service so far. Jay has been great to work with and very patient, something I really needed just now as our organisation undergoes a variety of changes. Please pass on my thanks to him and your team.

Carol Jennings, Reigate & Banstead Voluntary Service



Do I have to be a registered charity?
No. The offer of free software for charities is open to any not-for-profit organisation including clubs, religious groups village halls and non-registered charities.

Is it really free?
Yes. We will provide the software to you free-of-charge and get you up and running with some initial online training. If you need any additional software, such as add-ons, that is also free.

Is the software limited in some way?
No. They are the full versions with no limit on time or number of records or transactions. It is free for as many years as you want to use it.

What software can I have?
You can have any of the following packages completely free-of-charge
Core Accounting Software (Single-user or network version)
Advanced Accounting Software (Single-user or network version)
Payroll (Single and multi-company)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (Single-user or network)
Any of our range of add-on modules including emailing invoices and documents, Departmental Nominal Ledger (for dealing with Restricted Funds)

Is the software suitable for charities?
Although not designed specifically for charities, our software will meet the vast majority of the requirements your organization will have.

Will it handle Gift Aid?
Yes. Gift aid and donations can be handled in various ways, depending on the nature of the charity and the type of software you want to use.

What do I do now?
Simply download the demo of software package(s) you are interested in and see if it's what you are looking for. You do not need to provide us with any proof that you are a charity or other not-for-profit organization. (If you could drop us an email to let us know what you're looking at it would be helpful.) If you don't need to look at a demo version, just let us know and we'll send the live software to you.

Can I download a demo of the software?
Yes. Simply download a demo of the software you need from our "Downloads" page. Alternatively, we can send out a CD version in the post if that would be more convenient. Once you have decided what software you want, we will send out the live version.

What about support and training?
Whatever software package you have, support is just £10+VAT per month. That’s it. However many employees, users, records or add-ons you have, it just one price. Simple.

Can I run the software on any computer?
Our software will work on any recent computer and Windows operating systems, including Windows 8 and 64-bit versions.

Why do you offer free software – where's the catch?
It's simple – it makes us feel good to give something to charities and not-for-profit organisations. We know from talking to our clients that our software helps them run their business with greater efficiency. So, if we can provide free software that helps charities do the same, they can do what they do. Better.

And every new user puts a different demand on our software so we're keen to get feedback which helps us improve our packages. In the end helping charities and not-for-profit organisations benefits us and all the businesses we work with.

So if you want to find out more about how we can help you run your charity better, get in touch with us today:

+44 (0)1458 444010

Providing free software to charities and NPO's is part of Benchmark's commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. (PDF, 73KB)

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