Jobs, timesheets and work in progress

Getting your staff to keep accurate time sheets can be a real nightmare. And if you can’t allocate the time, you can’t bill the customer.

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Jobs, Timesheets And Work In Progress

Being able to allocate costs and effectively record time and materials outside of your core accounting software helps you to keep on top of jobs, timesheets and work in progress.  


Following requests from some of our customers, we have developed a simplified job costing and timesheet posting system that lets you keep track of hours against jobs, WIP and whether you have made a profit. It allows you to put expenses, purchases and invoices against a job along with your mark-up. This is a straightforward system that is not an accounting package but simply allows you to keep track of timesheets, income, expenditure, WIP and, of course, profit.


We are also developing a new Timesheet Posting app that it will make it easy for your employees to quickly record their hours and send them directly to your job costing software. No more chasing staff for timesheets or having hours that you can’t bill for.


Why not get in touch and find out how our Jobs, Timesheets and Work In Progress software can help you to do business. Better.


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