Point of Sale software is an essential part of any trade counter system and making sure it is reliable and fast is critical to keeping your customers happy, your stock accurate and your profits healthy.

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Point Of Sale Software for Trade Counters

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our point of sale software to make sure it is as logical and easy-to-use as possible, so you can serve your customers quickly and efficiently.  After all, keeping your customers happy is what it’s all about.


Our point-of-sale software is actually a module within our accounting package, so it’s powerful, efficient and can give you all the accounting and business information you need to keep control.

You can produce invoices, orders and quotes within seconds, maintain stock accurately and keep on top of credit control; all managed through a simple, intuitive menu system.


Key Features:


The software is packed full of features and contains everything you need and probably a lot more besides.  The best way to find out more is to let us show you what it can do and have a play around with it.   All of our new trade counter customers are impressed with how easy it is to use and we’re confident that you’ll like it too!


Why not get in touch and find out how our Point of Sale and Trade Counter software can help you to do business. Better.


Of course, if you don’t run a trade counter but are still looking for Point Of Sale software, get in touch too.  Our systems will work just as well and are perfect for any business that carries out sales transactions.



Test drive a FREE live version, with no obligation, for as long as you need. We’ll even import your own data and give you all the support and training you want! For more information CLICK HERE 


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