Software For Engineering Companies

The processes involved in engineering can be complicated. And while there is specific software for the design and manufacturing process, it’s difficult to find a system that bridges the gap between your engineering operation and your accounts department.

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Software For Engineering Companies

Engineering companies are fundamentally different from businesses that buy and sell products or provide services. They carry out processes involving raw materials, components or sub-assemblies.  Processes that are often specific to their individual business.  It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find software for engineering companies ‘off the shelf’ that helps manage the engineering operation while integrating with accounts.


We’ve been helping engineering firms for a long time.  The one thing they all have in common are specific issues that relate to what they produce and how they produce it.  Processes are often specialised and it is hard to get software that fits the way they work.  And while there is specific software for the design and manufacturing process, it’s difficult to find a system that bridges the gap between manufacturing and invoicing.


Your business is complicated

Because you are not buying for ‘A’ and selling for ‘B’, the processes involved in engineering can be complicated.  You may have to send unfinished goods to a third party (for example for painting or powder coating) and need to know where each item is and what’s happening with it.  You might have several different departments that all use raw materials and labour in order to complete elements of the final job.  Recording these processes manually is possible, but can be a real pain. Accurate tracking is the only way to stay on top of costs and ultimately improve efficiency and profitability.


We can simplify things for you

Our software for engineering companies can produce your accounts, simplify the way you purchase raw materials, efficiently manage surpluses, track goods through the manufacturing process (both internally and externally) and accurately produce invoices that record all elements including materials and labour.  Integrating your accounting, stock and sales with manufacturing and production can transform how you manage your business, hand in hand with your engineering expertise.  And what’s more, we can modify our software to work exactly the way you want it to. Most software companies can’t do that.


Real businesses, real solutions

Why not check out a Case Study (at the foot of this page) to see how we have helped engineering firms get on top of their processes, solve problems, and improve efficiency.


If you want to find out more about how Benchmark can help your business, get in touch.  Our advice is always free and after nearly 40 years there is very little that we haven’t been asked.  But you never know, you may surprise us!


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