Engine Re-Manufacturing Ltd

Engine-Re needed a software solution to manage complicated manufacturing processes that included parts, labour and outsourced elements in order to accurately track jobs and create invoices.

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  • Market Sector: Engineering
  • Established: 1981
  • No. of employees: 20+
  • With Benchmark since: 1994


For over 35 years, Engine Re-Manufacturing Limited (‘Engine Re’) has been providing the highest level of service in the re-manufacturing of diesel engines, and each job requires a range of processes to be carried out (such as re-boring cylinders or skimming heads) as well as replacing parts.



Engine Re has been a Benchmark customer for over 22 years, so our accounting software was already at the heart of their business. However, the company, and their turnover, has grown significantly over the last few years, exposing weaknesses in their processes.



Job progress around the workshop was being manually recorded on sheets, meaning that all of the job information had to be re-entered onto their accounting software at a later stage in order to manage stock and generate an invoice for the job. Also, the stock descriptions written by the engineers were often different or incomplete compared to those in their stock control software, so it took additional time for someone to identify the correct part used. Furthermore, the time each engineer spent on a job, which was part of the cost, was not being recorded.

As turnover increased, their booking in process for stock ordered also became time consuming and produced inaccuracies, leading to costly errors in stock management.

It was apparent that they would have to improve the efficiency of their processes and more accurately record the work carried out and the parts used on each job in order to remain competitive.



We created a new barcoding system from scratch that allows each engineer to scan the barcode for a particular job and then add the parts used by scanning the product barcode. This adds the part directly to their accounting software, so no further entry or matching of parts to descriptions is required. Each engineer can also add labour or processes to the job by simply scanning their own personal engineer barcode, followed by a code for the time spent on a particular process from a pre-printed sheet. This information is then posted directly to their Benchmark accounting software.

Barcoding functionality was also added to their goods-in process, improving the speed and accuracy of booking-in stock. By carefully considering how barcodes could be incorporated, this system has improved the efficiency and profitability of each job.


Client feedback

“The software has really made a difference to how we manage our stock and especially the amount of time it takes to get our invoices out. It’s much faster and we also have a lot more control over each job”


Lisa Clarken, Office Manager
Engine Re-Manufacturing Ltd

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