You don't need us to tell you that keeping your customers happy (and coming back!) is key to a successful business. Our Customer Relationship Management software is simple to use and helps you do just that.

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CRM Software

Like every other business person on the planet you know that to drive sales it’s vital to really understand your customers, and satisfy their individual needs.  CRM software helps you do that.


But that doesn’t mean you have to be a sucker for the extravagant hype that surrounds so much Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software!  And there is SO much CRM software out there.  So why is ours different? After nearly 40 years of writing business software and listening to what users really want, we’ve got a pretty good idea of how to make Customer Relationship Management really work for you.

So, we’ll skip all the stuff about massive returns, ease-of-use and sales funnels, and instead focus on listening closely to what you do and what you need.

Unlike other CRM systems ours doesn’t require expensive training courses. With a few hours tuition, and our friendly support team to hand, you can be up and running within a day – and we can even import your existing data as part of the process.


Why not get in touch and find out how our Customer Relationship Management software can help you to do business. Better.


Test drive a FREE live version, with no obligation, for as long as you need. We’ll even import your own data and give you all the support and training you want! For more information CLICK HERE


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