Software Support

We believe that great support should come as standard.

Virtual On-site Support
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 How to get in touch with support…

Whether it’s a question about setting up customer emailed invoices or you need help migrating to a new server, we have a polite and friendly team on hand who will look after you. And unlike some software providers, if you need help you can speak with the people that actually wrote the software.

Tel: 01458 444014

No more hold music.  No more frustration.  Just great support when you need it.


Payroll and Auto Enrolment Support

Auto enrolment (Workplace Pensions) and payroll is complicated.  It is the area where we get the most support calls so we thought we would make particular mention of it.

However reliable our payroll and auto enrolment software is, in the real world, there’s always the occasional snag. And it’s bound to be at crucial times like when you have to get the payroll done. That’s when you’ll appreciate how good Benchmark’s support is.  Why do people think it’s good? Because we actually care about looking after you. We understand that you want your problems solved as quickly as possible especially when it comes down to paying people.

You can quickly speak to someone who actually knows you, talks your language, and who understands that, with payroll, it’s got to be right. And, you’re not on hold for half an hour or waiting ages for someone to get back to you.

With auto enrolment now an additional burden for employers, you can be sure that we know how AE works inside-out and our support team will do whatever it takes to take away the pain!

In order for us to resolve software issues we may need to connect to your computer remotely.  If this is the case, please click here to enable this function.


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