Construction Industry Scheme Software

Get your CIS right, every time; quickly and without paying silly money.

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Construction Industry Scheme Software

The Construction Industry Scheme is a pain and you have enough to do without the Taxman on your back.  So, let our CIS software help you get this bit right, every time, quickly and without paying silly money.


We all know that doing something right first time keeps costs and hassles to a minimum. Our CIS software helps you to do just that (and lets you concentrate on running your business). It’s easy to use, allows for unlimited ‘subbies’ and manages statements, verifications and submissions. It is also a stand-alone package so you can run it alongside any existing software you may be using.


We have other software for building firms…

Succeeding in the building trade is tough enough already without clumsy and awkward software making it even harder to keep the money coming in, stay on top of costs and manage all of your admin.

So, if you’re looking for business software that will help your building firm to prosper, we have a range of software packages that will take the pain out of the number crunching and actually make your life easier. We’ll make sure that at least your business software is one area that’s snag-free!


Software for building firms include:

  • Accounting software
  • Job Costing
  • Payroll
  • Timesheet posting with mobile app
  • WIP tracking


Why not get in touch and find out how our CIS and other software for building firms can help you to do business. Better.


 Test drive a FREE live version, with no obligation, for as long as you need. We’ll give you all the support and training you want! For more information CLICK HERE


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