Meet the Team

Behind every successful business, there is a great team. And we're no different.

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Meet the Team

We work hard to make sure that all of our staff are friendly, approachable and, most importantly, can communicate with our clients without using ‘geek speak’.  For those of you who are interested we thought you might like to meet the team…


simon avatarSimon Fisher
Managing Director

Simon freely admits that he hates computers.  What he loves though is business – how it works and the ideas behind it.  To Simon, running a business is full of possibilities and pitfalls, elation and frustration. That’s why he gets so involved and passionate about our clients.  By focusing on business not technology, Simon helps clients to use our software in a way that’s going to make a difference to how their business runs. It’s not about “Look how clever our software is”, it’s about “How can we help you do business. Better?”


nick avatarNick Neale
Lead Programmer

Nick has been with Benchmark since 1997.  Nearly 20 years, man and boy!  Nick has been instrumental and involved in the writing of all of our current software, and is always on hand to answer those tricky programming questions that the team may have.  Thankfully, our software is extremely reliable so Nick can focus on developing new software products  that take advantage of the emerging mobile and Cloud markets.


nick avatarBen Leigh

Ben started with Benchmark in 2008 and spends most of his time designing and developing client modifications to our existing software.  Ben will also liaise with clients who require bespoke software written specifically for them.  He seems to have a unique ability to come up with simple solutions to complicated problems and will often help Jack in Support when the need arises.


nick avatarTom Messenger
Software Developer

Tom started with Benchmark in 2017 and works alongside Ben, carrying out bespoke software modifications.  Tom has a thorough knowledge of all of our software products, and as such is the perfect choice when manuals or “how to” guides need writing.


jack avatarAiden Napper

Aiden has been with us since 2018 and runs our support desks.  Although we write robust, reliable software; there is always the odd occasion when our clients need assistance – whether it’s a question about setting up customer emailed invoices or help migrating to a new server, Aiden and the team are on hand to look after you.


jack avatarLuke Woodward

Luke joined us in 2021 and is a key member of the support team. As our client base has grown, our support team has grown too. It’s the only way to ensure that when you have a problem, or need help,  you’re not waiting hours to get hold of a member of the support team.


jack avatarEd Chevis

Ed is the newest member of the support team, having joined us in 2022. Ed is getting to grips with our range of business software and is on hand to answer any questions you may have.



rob avatarRob Chevis
App Developer

Rob has been an integral part of our team for over 20 years.  Although involved with the writing of much of our software, he now focuses on App development.  More and more business is being done ‘on the go’ and Rob is busy designing Apps that not only help our clients to work more efficiently when they are out and about, but also help their customers get the information they need, quickly and easily.



helen avatarShaun Westerman

Shaun has been working with us since 2013.  He spends most of his time making sure that we communicate with our clients in a simple, straightforward way.   Shaun doesn’t come from a software background which really helps.  It’s not unusual to hear him say “That sounds great guys, but what does that actually mean?!”


We have deliberately kept this Meet The Team page brief – if you would like to speak to any of us please do get in touch.


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