Harworth Heating Ltd

“The price list update program that Benchmark supplied is absolutely fabulous. What used to take forever is now done in a matter of seconds."

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  • Market Sector: Suppliers of heating products
  • Established: 1971
  • No. of employees: 10+
  • With Benchmark since: 1992

Harworth Heating Ltd was established in 1971 and has over 45 years’ heating experience in oil, solid fuel, gas, boat, caravan and specialist installs. A Benchmark customer for over 20 years, they had a particular problem and needed trade counter bespoke software – an area we specialise in.   



Suppliers of both new products and spares, Harworth carry an enormous range of stock lines that need to be accurately catalogued and easily searched in order to serve their numerous customers quickly and efficiently.



Harworth has been trading a long time and as a result have a huge range of stock items (somewhere in the region of 70,000!) and a large customer base. This caused two particular problems. Firstly, when their suppliers issued them with amended price lists they had to manually update all of their records – a painful and time consuming process. Secondly, when accessing customer information or arranging deliveries, they had to ask for, and type in full addresses. This was also very laborious and they felt they needed a more modern approach for their customers’ convenience.


Solution – Trade Counter Bespoke Software

In order to speed up the process of updating price lists, we wrote a specific, stand-alone piece of trade counter bespoke software that would enable them to instantly update supplier product prices. Price lists supplied on Excel spreadsheets (common practice) are now simply imported and all relevant records updated at the touch of a button.

Streamlining the way they found customers was a somewhat simpler, but equally effective process. We supplied Harworth with our Postcode Lookup add-on, which does exactly what they needed. Their customers now simply give them their postcode (and usually house or building number or name) and their system automatically fills the address fields. This not only speeds things up in-office, but also prevents mistakes and gives a modern and efficient service to their customers.


Client feedback

“The price list update program that Benchmark supplied is absolutely fabulous. What used to take forever is now done in a matter of seconds. I don’t now how we ever managed before we had it. The Postcode Lookup add-on is equally useful. Not only does it speed things up for both us and our customers, it also presents the right image. We were finding that customers expected us to know their address when they gave us their postcode – it’s how most of the larger companies work and it is brilliant to be able to do it the same way.

Before talking to Benchmark we were using a different software package that was awful. When we changed we knew we didn’t want the same generic type software, we needed something that was more flexible.  That’s exactly what you get with Benchmark.  They are always thinking about how they can improve their software, often from client feedback. And if there is anything specific I need, I just ask. You’d have no-chance of that with the big, faceless software suppliers. We have had add-ons to the software when we have needed them, and they have also carried out a number of modifications so that the software works exactly the way we need it to.

Their support is superb – you get to know them and they are always happy to speak to you. In a nutshell, the team at Benchmark are friendly, professional and always go above and beyond for us. They have made a massive difference to our business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


Harworth Heating Ltd

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