Data Back Ups – a 5 minute read that could save you a whole world of pain…

Data backups are essential. Make sure you take them. And when you take them, make sure they work.   We…

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Data backups are essential. Make sure you take them. And when you take them, make sure they work.


Taking effective data back ups

We can’t make this any clearer. And as an accounting, payroll, CRM and trade counter software supplier based in Somerset, we emphasise the need for regular, viable back-ups to all of our clients throughout the UK. But if we’re honest, no matter how hard we try, some businesses will always adopt a relaxed attitude towards backing up their data. And this doesn’t seem like a problem to them…until something goes wrong.

Now, while the loss of certain documents can be annoying and time-consuming, loss of your accounting or customer data can be catastrophic to your business. Imagine not knowing how much or who you had invoiced in the last month, what products you had sold or the names and contact info for your 100 best customers. Or all of your customers for that matter. At best this can cost you thousands. At worst, it can cost you your business.

So even if you think you are sorted as far as backups go, take 5 minutes to check through our quick guide below to make sure.













Now we know a lot of this will seem a bit scary. But to be fair, when things go wrong with data it tends to be bad. Very bad. And no matter how robust your software is, or water-tight your processes, in the real world things do occasionally go wrong. But don’t panic.Data back ups in Somerset

The good news is, if you take on board what we have discussed and get your backups sorted, you’ll have nothing to worry about. At Benchmark we have been writing business software and helping companies throughout Somerset, the South West and the UK for over 40 years. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done. So if you want some honest, straightforward advice about looking after your data, get in touch. We’re here to help.



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