Trade Counter Software and EPOS updates

As a specialist in Trade Counter software and Point of Sale ( POS ) systems, we are constantly reviewing how…

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As a specialist in Trade Counter software and Point of Sale ( POS ) systems, we are constantly reviewing how our software works in the ‘real world’.  We have found that the best way to do this is to listen to our clients and incorporate their feedback.  We update our software regularly, and some of the latest add-ons and modifications have been very specific to individual clients. However, one area that all trade counters seem to be considering is barcoding, and how it can improve efficiency within their business.  With this in mind we thought we would jot down a quick overview of how and when to use barcodes on your trade counter.



Barcoding can be used to speed up processes, improve accuracy and eliminate entry errors. Used in the right way it can streamline and improve your business, saving you time and money.


The benefits of barcodes


It takes 5 – 10 seconds for a user to read and type in 10 characters and then click save. A barcode scanner can do this in less than a second and software can automatically save and process the data.


A manual user is likely to make an error once in every 300 characters. Barcoding errors occur only once in tens of thousands of entries.


Once a barcode is allocated to a product, information relating to this product line can be amended on a central database.  This eliminates the need to change it on every item.


Individual items, whole shipments, documents or even people can be given a unique identification number.  They can then be tracked through a process or manufacturing chain or scanned and allocated to a record (for example signed delivery notes).


How you can use barcoding and trade counter software in your business

Point of Sale

The most common and familiar use of barcodes. A customer brings items to the till point, they are scanned, product details and price are retrieved from a database, an invoice or receipt is printed, payment made (or placed on account) and stock levels adjusted accordingly.

Goods In

Booking goods in can be time consuming, often involving checking a delivery while the driver is waiting. Barcoding can significantly improve this process, making it faster, reducing the risk of errors, quickly identifying any shortfalls / over deliveries and automatically booking the items in to stock.

Goods Out

Using barcodes here can quickly identify physical items picked against order contents. This ensures the right items and quantities are sent to your customer and identifies any errors or shortfalls before the delivery is made.

Stock / Process Tracking

You may need to send products out to external contractors or different locations (for example paint finishing or powder coating) and need to know where your stock is and what is happening to it. You may also use component parts in the assembly of a finished product and need to be able to record what has been used and where. Barcoding is perfect for this kind of tracking.

Barcoding Documents

Documents such as contracts, client records, orders or delivery notes can be tracked in the same way as products. Modern desktop scanners are capable of recognising barcodes on a document, creating a digital version of the document and automatically saving it against a corresponding record in a database. This enables you to electronically archive documents such as signed orders or delivery notes, reduce paperwork and speed up the filing and retrieval of documents.

WIP and Job Costing

By assigning a barcode to specific job, and individual staff members, accurate records of man-hours that should be allocated to a job can be simply recorded. Software can even automatically generate time-sheets and invoices.



Barcodes can offer significant benefits, save time, improve efficiency and reduce interaction through keyboard, mouse or touchscreen (eliminating associated data entry errors). Barcoding is a powerful tool, but how you use it and how well it works for you will depend on your business, your products and what you want to achieve. When correctly implemented in conjunction with the right trade counter software, barcoding can dramatically improve efficiency and help you to do business. Better.


Get in touch

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