Accounting Software Comparison Table

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Accounting Software Comparison Table

We have two different accounts packages, both available in single-user and network versions.The Core accounts is an entry-level system for smaller businesses with more straightforward accounting needs. The Advanced accounts is for larger businesses with more complex accounting and business requirements.

This is a breakdown of the features available for each package, either as standard or as an add-on module.

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Add-on Modules Core Advanced
Sales Ledger Yes Yes
Purchase Ledger Yes Yes
Nominal Ledger Yes Yes
Stock Control Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes
System Utilities Yes Yes
Bank Reconciliation Yes Yes
Automatic Backups (Local & Cloud) Yes Yes
Document Emailing Yes Yes
Sales Order Processing Add-on Yes
Forward Posting Add-on Yes
Special Price File Add-on Yes
Extended Customer Discounts Add-on Yes
Extended Product Prices Add-on Yes
Component Maintenance Add-on Yes
Price % Uplift Add-on Yes
Graphs Add-on Yes
Batch Document Emailing Add-on Yes
Auto Assembly Add-on Yes
Excel Product Price Import/Export Add-on Yes
Excel Stock Taking Add-on Yes
SOP Quotes Add-on Yes
Quick Order Processing (QOP) No Yes
Multi-Company No Yes
Multi-Company Nominal Structure No Yes
Returns (Sales & Purchase Ledger) No Yes
Extended Product Descriptions No Yes
Advanced Sales Ordering No Yes
Advanced Purchase Ordering No Yes
CPOS (Computer Point-of-Sale) Add-on Add-on
SOP Service Invoicing Add-on Add-on
Product Recoding Add-on Add-on
Customer Recoding Add-on Add-on
Service Invoicing Add-on Add-on
Postcode Address Lookup Add-on Add-on
SOP Archive No Add-on
SOP Quick Order Status No Add-on
Credit Control No Add-on
Seasonal Messages No Add-on
Cheque Printing No Add-on
Repeat Invoicing No Add-on
Purchase Order Approval No Add-on
Remote Order Processing (ROP) No Add-on
Web Integration Module No Add-on
SOP Weight & Carriage No Add-on
Sales Delivery Notes No Add-on
Advanced Product Grouping No Add-on
Advanced Reps No Add-on
Sales Invoice/Order Templates No Add-on
Batch Processing/Serial Number Tracking No Add-on
Scan Document Archive (SDA) No Add-on
Goods Outwards Scanning No Add-on
Goods Inwards Scanning No Add-on
Tablet Sales Orders No Add-on
Product Shortages No Add-on
EDI No Add-on
Departmental Nominal Ledger No Add-on
Job Costing No Add-on
Purchase Order Processing No Add-on
Multi-Location Stock No Add-on
Foreign Currency No Add-on


Prices vary depending on the add-on module itself and whether it is a single-user of network version

Download a pdf of our accounting software comparison table HERE!

If you can’t find the Add-on that you need, get in touch and one of our expert staff can help you.


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