G S Auto Spares

"Moving to Benchmark has made my life easier - the software is so effective it just let's you get on with running your business."

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  • Market Sector: Motor Spares
  • Established: xxxx
  • No. of employees: 2
  • With Benchmark since: 2012


GS Autos is based in Street, Somerset and sell motor and auto spares to members of public. They are a single branch, High Street operation and have been a Benchmark customer since 2012.



With hundreds of product lines, covering every major car manufacturer, GS Autos need to keep on top of their stock as well as process cash, credit and account sales quickly and accurately.



GS Autos were using an existing software system to manage their POS but it was very complicated and didn’t really suit their needs. They wanted a package that could handle all of their sales requirements and be linked to their accounts system. This would ensure that stock levels were updated simultaneously and reports could be created at the touch of a button.



It was clear that GS Autos required more than just a stand-alone POS system if they were going to achieve the level of stock management and reporting that they required. Fortunately they are located very close to us so we were able to visit them and get a real feel for how their business worked and the best way to achieve their goals. Like all businesses, they couldn’t afford any downtime, so the integration of the new accounts package had to be seamless and without snags. We installed a full accounts package for them with POS and barcoding modules, and imported all of their existing data to ensure a smooth transition process from system to system. The whole process went without a hitch.


Client feedback

“Our old system was very clunky – you had to click on one menu, then another and this all took valuable time, especially when the customer was stood in front of you and just wanted to pay and go. What I like about the Benchmark system is that it is so easy to use. A customer comes in, picks up what they want, we scan it, they pay and they are on their way. Much better all round!

Since moving to Benchmark we haven’t looked back. The software suits our needs to a tee. Once it is installed it runs itself, leaving us to get on with our business. The package we have is not just a point-of-sale system, it is a full accounts package with purchase ledger, sales ledger and stock. Within a few clicks I am able to know what our turnover is, the profit margin, stock levels and where we stand with the bank. And at ‘end of year’ all of the figures I need are there ready for me.

The service we get from Benchmark is second to none. The staff are friendly and helpful and on the odd occasion when you have a problem they sort it within a matter of minutes. Changing software can be quite daunting, but Benchmark made the process hassle and worry free.

Moving to Benchmark has made my life easier – the software is so effective it just let’s you get on with running your business.”


Graham Hayman
GS Autos 

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