J R Luff and Co

“I don't mind admitting, the thought of organising our company's auto enrolment was terrifying. I can honestly say that I will be eternally grateful and couldn't have done it without Benchmark!"

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  • Market Sector: Wholesale Horticultural Nursery and Farm Shop
  • Established: 1926
  • No. of employees: 18+
  • With Benchmark since: 1987

J R Luff and Co was established in 1926 and is still wholly owned and run by the same family.  Based in Headley, Hampshire, they run a diverse business and employ around 20 staff. Luffs were an existing payroll user but approached us to help them manage Auto Enrolment.  



J R Luff and Co is a specialist wholesale horticultural nursery, however have successfully expanded their operations to include a farm shop, gift shop, caravan storage park, pet shop and animal feed suppliers. As a result, their workforce has expanded and the recently introduced Auto Enrolment workplace pension scheme needed to be implemented.



In common with many small and medium sized businesses, J R Luff and Co were struggling to get their heads around the complexities of the Auto Enrolment pension scheme. They don’t have a dedicated payroll or HR department and were genuinely concerned about getting their scheme set up correctly. They employ approximately 20 staff, with the majority on different wage structures.  They are also a seasonal business, with overtime implications during the longer summer daylight hours.  All of their staff are paid weekly, so AE is always on their minds.


Solution – Auto Enrolment Software

Luffs were already using our PY2 payroll software package and approached us in order to solve their AE headaches. There’s no getting away from it, AE is complicated, but as with everything we do, we aim to make it as straightforward and pain-free as possible for our clients.  Firstly we sent Luffs a simple enquiry form so that we had all of the necessary data regarding their employees, pay frequency and essential company AE information. We then prepared an Implementation Plan, laying out exactly what needed to be done and when. We then unlocked the AE functionality in their payroll software that gives them absolutely everything they need to manage their auto enrolment resposibilities (including generating and storing all employee correspondence). We then walked them through the process so that they could manage AE for themselves on every payment run.  Finally, our support team were on-hand to answer any queries that may arise moving forward.


Client feedback

“I don’t mind admitting, the thought of organising our company’s auto enrolment was terrifying. It seemed so complicated and I was convinced I was going to get it wrong and end up costing our employees and the company money. I was approached by a so-called ‘AE specialist’ who said they could manage it for us for £5,000! That’s when I spoke to Benchmark and they immediately put my mind at ease, and told me that it would only cost a fraction of this.

I have to say they have been absolutely amazing. We implemented AE using their existing PY2 payroll software and it was completely problem free. I was impressed at how simple they made it for me. More importantly though, the support team are always on hand if I want to check something. We pay our staff weekly, at a variety of rates and have seasonal adjustments so every employee is different. I can honestly say that I will be eternally grateful and couldn’t have done it without Benchmark!”


Vicky Luff
J R Luff and Co

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